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Premium Hip Quiver 19" RM40

Premium Hip Quiver 19"  RM40

Premium Hip Quiver

Arrouha Premium Hip Quiver is 19″ in length and holds up to 12 arrows. For use by passion archers, this semi-rigid quiver makes it easy to quickly remove your arrows so you don’t miss a shot. No need to constantly worry about spilling your arrows with this quiver, Easily attaches to your belt with a sturdy metal clip, and hangs comfortably from your hip for quick access. Fits easily in your bow case when done shooting!
Archery Premium Hip Quiver
✔️19″in length
✔️Holds up to 12 arrows
✔️Arrow draws made easy
✔️Made by High Quality PU material
✔️Special deco Dokoh 
✔️Perfect for target practice

*arrows are not included

Price : RM40


BEST-SELLING and TRUSTED BRAND in the market by LOCAL Bow Maker.


Zairol Daud

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